Covid-19 and chiropractic


We are open under Covid-19 Level 2 you are welcome to contact us via email at or on 09 479 2666.  We will do our best to reply as soon as possible, please be aware we are receiving more calls that normal.  Take care.

AAFN Symposium

Next seminar coming up...

This very popular topic is getting media coverage worldwide. The foggy heads, mood disorders and nonspecific symptoms of concussion are frustrating for many people..  This conference will bring inspiring insight into the assessment and treatment modalities that are changing the paradigm and helping people who were previously written off.  Calder Chiropractic Centre are excited to be a part of it and bring this knowledge back to New Zealand.

International Annual Functional Neurology Research

On the cutting edge...

We are all about staying up to date with the latest research and techniques available at Calder Chiropractic Centre.

On the 26-30 September Andrew and Carina Calder attended the Super Neuro Metabolic conference in Las Vegas. It was a fantastic conference with 17 high class speakers over the 4 days. Topics covered were new approaches to treatment of andropause, thyroid problems, ADHD, and new breakthrough nutritional supplements.

On the 10-13 October they attended the 4th annual conference of functional neurology and rehabilitation in Phoenix. A tremendous showcase of the current research within functional neurology. Andrew and Carina had a exhibitors stand where they were demonstrating the Pondera Balance Board, a superb way of determining the cause of balance issues, whether it is due to occular, vestibular or proprioceptive dysfunction.

Why not make an appointment to have your balance tested at Calder Chiropractic Centre?

ICAK International AGM 2013

ICAK International AGM 2013

Carina and Andrew will be attending the ICAK International AGM in Cairns in April which will feature presentations on:

• Functional Neurology
• Paediatric Care
• Treatment, Management and Resolution of Craniofacial Pain
• Patient Management Strategies

 I am sure they will come back with lots of new research and fantastic pearls of wisdom to share with you all!


Carina Calder at the 3rd Annual world conference on Functional Neurology in Phoenix Arizona.

Great News !

Carina Calder just attended the 3rd Annual world conference on Functional Neurology in Phoenix Arizona.

The meeting was attended by 350 of the top Functional Neurologists in the world. It was 4 days of outstanding presentations. Some of the topics presented were:

  • Non invasive Brain Stimulation
  • Metabolic Disease driven by Immuno inflammation
  • Nutritional consideration for Basal Ganglia Disorders (ie Parkinsons, Tourettes etc)
  • The Gut Brain connection
  • The physical Brain and Psyciatric Diagnosis
  • Neurobiology of ADHD and treatments
  • Music as part of neurosensory stimulation

Carina presented the Balance Board from balance concepts (developed by Daniel Calder), it was very well received.

The Balance board is used in our clinic, it measures the patients balance, gives an age equivalent and estimated falls risk. It gives a clear picture of where the problem (if there is one) is coming from, it can be related to your eyes, ears, spine or the information coming from your feet. Knowing what the underlying problem is, you can then have specific treatments and home exercises to improve your balance age. We normally recheck after a month to see how the progress is going.

Make an appointment to have your balance tested or if you are a patient already ask to have your balance monitored.