Christopher Hill

BSc (Chiropractic)ICAK (Applied Kinesiology)MNZCA

An early Start with Chiropractic

I was 8 months old when chiropractic discovered me.

I should have been a happy, healthy albeit chubby baby, but I wasn’t.

I was suffering with a variety of health challenges that no one could explain; colic, ear infections and vomiting to name a few.  Medicine had no answer for the cause of my problems, and my health continued to deteriorate.    

My parents consulted Chiropractic as a ‘last resort’, and I am truly thankful they did! 

We discovered that Chiropractic does not treat or fix anything, but rather aids and restores the body’s natural drive towards being healthy, happy and functioning optimally.

Chiropractic became a lifestyle for myself and my family from that day on.

I was very privileged being able to go through my childhood receiving Chiropractic care, observing the wonderful side effects of a body that is working as it should, clear and connected, better function, better health and a better life.

‘Bouncing’ back

I grew into a healthy, thriving and energetic teenager.  I tried every sport under the sun.  Eventually settling into trampolining and gymnastics which I continue to have a deep passion for.

As a competitor and coach I was privileged to travel to New Zealand and Australia, which put my body under extremes of stress both internally and externally.

When I looked around and saw so many of my friends and competitors with injury and poor recovery which affected their performance and success as athletes, I was thankful that Chiropractic gave my body the support and freedom to explore my potential.  

Flying high – a fall from great heights

I originally wanted to be a pilot.  However it took a 7 metre free fall, which broke both my arms, my collar bones, jaw, nose and ribs, to knock some sense into me!

I was now back in the health system, and it failed me for the second time in my life! 

I returned to what had been staring me in the face from the start.  That’s the day I decided to become a chiropractor.

Now I am so excited I get to serve and educate my community.  To pay forward and give back to the profession that saved my life.

I thoroughly look forward to looking after you.