Our Orthotics Partners

At the Calder Chiropractic we pride ourselves in providing you with the best form of care to meet your needs.

To help provide this level of care we are associated with a number of companies outline below.


Barefoot Science is a seven-level progressive system that stimulates the medial arch to activate the arch and simulate a variable surface in any shoe. This helps the user move their feet more like nature intended and reduces the insulation between the foot and the ground, providing more ground control and feedback between the feet and the brain. It is the only progressive insole which acts as a proprioceptive device and addresses many common problems like lack of overall foot strength, balance, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and proprioception deficits caused by peripheral neuropathy or stroke.


Foot Science International design and manufacture prefabricated custom foot orthotics to help treat those suffering lower back and limb pain, to prevent injuries and falls, and provide greater comfort and performance for athletes.

Correct toes

Relieve Foot PainWhile being active. Anatomical toe spacers designed by sports podiatrist, Dr. Ray McClanahan. The only toe spacer that can be worn barefoot or inside approved footwear, while being active.

Healthmarque Australia

Orthotics For You specialises in custom made orthotics that do not cost the earth. We conduct an initial examination including kinesiological testing, determine the cost of your treatment and find the right solution for your health requirements. It is also possible to use your private health fund to subsidise the cost through a rebate.