An Orthotic is a removable insert that goes in shoes to support the arches in the foot. We stock 3 brands of prescription orthotics. The orthotics are specifically made for you and are custom made for your feet and your particular needs.

Do you need an orthotic?

There is a normal correct position of the bones of the feet and ankles. In the centre of the ankle is the Talus bone. When arches are strong, this bone is equally centred in the ankle. When the main arch drops, this bone shifts to the inside twisting the lower leg. One of the main reasons to use an orthotic is to support the arch preventing this twisting of the lower leg and supporting the talus. There is also the metatarsal arch (if it collapses it creates pain between the 2nd and 3rd toes, leading to hammer toes, metatarsalgia and sometimes Mortons neuralgia) and the longitudinal arch.

Supporting your feet is an important investment to ensure you can remain physically active for as many years as possible. For more information go to