Dr. Angela Steventon

BSc (Psychology), BSc (Chiropractic), ICAK, ACNEM, MNZCA

In addition to a Bachelor of Science, (with majors in Psychology and Physiology) from Auckland University, Angela completed a degree in Chiropractic, from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic in 2001. Since graduating Angela has become certified in Applied Kinesiology and nutrition as well as completing many other postgraduate courses in Chiropractic techniques and management. Previously Angela had been working with Dr Bryan Hale in Christchurch as a specialist in the Hale Technique. With her belief in an integrated approach to health care she is able to offer a large amount of experience in dealing with physical, emotional and mental imbalances. Currently, Angela is completing her post-graduate training in Functional Medicine, which will further her knowledge in the health and wellness field and allow her to become a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP).

As a specialist in the Hale Technique, her care involves gentle Chiropractic Techniques, Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure, Homeopathic, Nutritional therapies and an understanding of the fundamental relationship between mind, body and emotions. The Hale technique is able to integrate the physical, emotional and mental levels of health and Angela has experienced its benefits first hand. Angela regularly attends seminars and reads extensively to further her knowledge on health and wellness.

Angela’s journey with chiropractic started whilst she was at Auckland University. She learnt that chiropractic is more than fixing headaches or back pain and is actually about improving health and wellness. She changed her science degree and added the chiropractic degree so she could help people with their health issues.

Angela's passion lies in helping people with stress-related disorders and providing strategies on how people can get back into balance. Prolonged physical and emotional stress lead to a variety of health-related issues such as digestive problems, sleep issues, fatigue, depression, anxiety, headaches, low immunity and emotional fragility to name a few. With the Hale Technique Angela is able to get to the root cause of the problem and guide people in addressing their particular issue.

Angela balances her time at Calder Chiropractic Centre with seminars in health and wellness. In her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, sailing, horse riding and the gym as well as spending time with her family. Having a teenage son means she is great with relating to young people. Angela believes that everyone can benefit from having “health check-ups” and that being proactive in life and health can reward us with many benefits in years to come. Angela’s passion for health and wellness in all levels makes her an asset to Calder Chiropractic Centre.

You are welcome to email and ask how Dr Angela may be able to help with your anxiety, depression, increasing your immunity, fatigue and many other issues.


BSc Psychology and Physiology, Auckland University

BSc Chiropractic Science, New Zealand College of Chiropractic

Primary Course in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Certification in Applied Kinesiology - International College of Applied Kinesiology Australasia Hale Technique certification

International Summit for Mental Health – Gold Coast

Neural Organisational Technique - Auckland

Inspiral Pediatric Seminars – Auckland

Functional medicine degree – Functional medicine university
Why Choose Dr. Steventon

As Your Chiropractor

  • Her personal experience with chiropractic and migraines has provided her with empathy, insight and understanding in regards to the care she offers.
  • Mental health and overcoming anxiety with practical strategies, developed over many years, has become a passion of hers.
  • Gut and microbiome health is foundational to getting and staying well and is an ongoing field of study for her.
Frequently asked questions of Dr. Steventon
  • How long have you been a chiropractor? Coming up 20 years. I completed my degree in 2001 and moved to Melbourne, Australia to start practice in 2002. Whilst practicing, I became interested in a more holistic approach to healthcare and Applied Kinesiology seemed to answer most of my questions. I completed additional training and became certified in Applied Kinesiology in 2006. I was fortunate to be able to work alongside Dr Bryan Hale, chiropractor in Christchurch and learn the Hale technique. The Christchurch earthquakes prompted me to relocate to Auckland where I am currently practicing at Calder Chiropractic. I am currently studying Functional Medicine alongside practice and keep my knowledge up to date with various seminars.
  • What techniques do you use? Because I have been in practice so long, I use a combination of techniques. Applied Kinesiology will always be my favourite, but I combine Neural Organisational Technique with Diversified and other gentle chiropractic techniques. I use Activator Methods and combine these with homeopathy and nutrition to help the body achieve better function.
  • Why would I see you? People see me for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they have been referred by family members, or other health practitioners, or have found me on the internet. Sometimes people are in pain, or not feeling right, or want to improve there functioning. You are welcome to send an email through or ring the clinic where I would be happy to discuss what we can do for you.

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